Waste tire-driven graphene nanoplatelets (W-GNP):

Nanografen lowers the cost of graphene by using waste tire as a starting material by applying recycling and upcycling technology for mass production in plastic industry.

Key innovations of W-GNP

  • -Cost-down for thermoplastic compounding
  • -Large volume production capacity (2 tons/month by batch process)
  • -Robust, reliable, and fast processes
  • -Green recycling and upcycling technique
  • -Hinder graphene agglomeration due to its platelet structure
  • -No additional surface treatment (having 9 at% surface oxygen groups itself)
  • -Particle size control (average 50 nm platelet size)
  • -More reliable and long-lasting graphene reinforced composite production

Technical data sheet of Waste tire-driven graphene nanoplatelets (W-GNP)